family history

Pronunciation:(FAM-ih-lee HIH-stuh-ree)

Definition: A record of a person's current and past illnesses, and those of his or her parents, brothers, sisters, children, and other family members. A family history shows the pattern of certain diseases in a family, and helps to determine risk factors for those and other diseases. Also called family medical history.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: The genetic relationships within a family combined with the medical history of individual family members. When represented in diagram form using standardized symbols and terminology, it is usually referred to as a pedigree or family tree. Also called family medical history.Health professional

antecedentes familiaresRegistro de las enfermedades presentes y pasadas de una persona y las de sus padres, hermanos, hermanas, hijos y otros miembros de la familia. Los antecedentes familiares revelan el patrĂ³n de ciertas enfermedades en una familia y ayudan a determinar los factores de riesgo para estas y otras enfermedades.Cancer.govPatient2003-04-23 Date last modified: 2007-02-12